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When it comes to SELLING properties, it is very important to put in place GOOD MARKETING STRATEGIES!

Because it provides an advantage over your competitors (aka other sellers fighting for the same group of buyers).
It helps to achieve optimum result from the right potential targeted market and gets the Highest Possible Price in Fastest Possible Time that you want!

Common Problems Faced When Good Selling Strategies Are NOT Implemented
Too little viewings?
Low offers?
Cannot sell within expected time frame?
One problem will lead to more problems!
Worrying will inadvertently affect your life, family and work.... and this will end up triggering “desperate” fire-sale and you will NOT have any peace of mind during the entire process!
With more than 5 years of being a Bukit Merah Agent,
I have a ready buyer's database.
Take a look at the buyers profile I have
  • 1st Timer Young Couple with newborn looking for new home near their parents
  • Singapore PR Family buyers just fulfilled their 3 years SPR to buy near their current stay
  • Couple looking for home near their children 
  • Single buyer just turned 35 years old to live near their parents
  • Buyers upgrading for a bigger home
  • Elderly couple downsizing
and Many more looking for Bukit Merah homes!
🎯 Pricing Strategy

You definitely need to know how much your property is worth in the market.

With the data analysis, you can list the property right.

Is the market going up or going down?

Receive the 1st hand news on the market price trend along with the volume of the transaction.

Next, use SRX real-time big data from trusted private and public sources, comparable market analysis, machine learning, and property indices to calculate your home’s value in seconds.

Cross-Reference with respective government websites, HDB and URA for recent transaction price.

Identify the uniqueness of the unit in term of the direction facing, floorings and nearby amenities.

CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to see the number of similar units competing with you for the same pool of buyers.

Determine the demand and supply for the unit. Pricing at the right phase of the marketing cycle ensures the listing won't be expired in the buyer's eyes and leads to the desired closing price.

🎯 Presentation Strategy

Make your home look Presentable (or Staging) for Professional Photography, Virtual 360° Tour & Video marketing material and for viewing.

Presentable Home can attract the buyers to give you a Higher offer. The first impression counts! To get the best price possible – your property needs to give to potential buyers the best impression possible!

Check out the Home Staging done for my clients below!


Check out the Professional Photography service done for my clients below!

Home Tour Video service: Receive immediate access to our team of scriptwriters, videographers, production team and digital marketing specialists

🎯 Portal Marketing Strategy

You definitely need an active portal marketing to target and get your maximum market potential for the right buyers in popular property portals such as

Property advertised by Professional Bukit Merah Agent will stay on the Front Page when Buyers search for Property in Bukit Merah. This helps to get Maximum Market Potential Right Buyer in the Fastest Possible Time!

99.co (Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin)

SRX - Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

STProperty - By Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)



Partnership with UOB, DBS, Edmund & Tie Company and vendors to expose your listing with the bankers and their clients.

🎯 Platform In-house Strategy

Platform in-house Strategy helps to further reach and retarget all buyers who are looking for homes.

Navis Tag Marketing

For a property to sell fast, it must first be exposed to a sizeable amount of potential buyers. With the use of Navis Tag (OrangeTee's very own mobile technology), this means that once your property is being listed, many other agents will be on the lookout to ensure you get a substantial amount of interest & viewings. This will allow your property to receive massive exposure, hence a quicker transaction process!

Navis Tag - A Leads Generating System

Auction Marketing

For sellers looking to sell your property fast, offer Auction Marketing, where instead of weeks or months, you can very much get your unit sold in just 1 afternoon!

Experience fast results with our use of Auction marketing to ensure your property can be sold quickly, yet at the optimal price! All you have to do is to set your base price for your property, and you can leave the rest to us.

🎯 Publicity Outreach Strategy

Publicity Outreach Strategy helps to further reach those potential buyers have just started looking for homes through the various social media platforms such as:

 Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaign 

 Targeted Instagram Advertising Campaign 

 Targeted Youtube Advertising Campaign 

Customized Featured Flyer

Square Stage



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