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During the discussion with Jackson,


📣  Understanding of your situation

📣  An insight of property agent life

📣  How to become an agent

📣  Recommendations of favourable actions

📣  Recommendations of pitfalls to avoid

📣  Strong support and training from our company

📣  Powerful Agent App and technology to get listings

⭐ Well, you can become our top producer ! ⭐


NAVIS OrangeTee Technology


OrangeTee & Tie and Navis Living Group believe that TechProp is the way ahead for the real estate industry and agencies. A recent survey in 2019 conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) reveal that technology adoption results in higher satisfaction among consumers.


It is no coincidence as our agency has invested millions annually into the Research & Development of mobile apps and platforms that future-proofs our agents and increases client satisfaction since many years ago. 



Innovations That Save Agents
Time, Money & Energy
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Briefly, if you did not read all the above, some of our ​SUPER Features include:

  • FREE HDB and condominium floor plans

  • UPDATED Market research trends, graphs and reports

  • FREE automated individual project websites

  • AUTOMATED EDM & social media artwork for all projects

  • UPDATED residential, commercial & industrial transaction prices

  • AUTOMATED block by block HDB Reports with analytics and owner demographics

OTT NAVIS agents enjoy the best tech tools that take away tedious tasks so we can focus on higher value work or simply to enjoy time with our loved ones.

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